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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We all have dreams of a successful retirement, ensuring a legacy for our family, protecting our family from unexpected circumstances. Planning and taking action steps necessary to achieve these dreams can be difficult. At Extreme Service Limited, we help our clients create a strategic plan and guide them along the way to ensure they reach their goals and objectives. We determine the financial resources available to work with and anticipate additional wealth that will be available in the future to help achieve your financial objectives.

We clearly define the goals and objectives important to your family and also evaluate the various options and determine the appropriate planning strategies. We start the journey by determining the course of action to implement your plan. Constantly evaluate – we all hit snags on this road called life. We continue to monitor the progress with our clients and make necessary adjustments to make sure we are heading towards the right direction.


There is a fine line between advice and education. Advice begins where education should end. The moment a participant asks a plan representative which 401(k) option they should be investing their money in, the participant is now seeking financial advice.